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Latest Posts

How to avoid parsing error in Blogger Template editor when adding HTML or Javascript codes

Do you hate it whenever you found a suitable Javascript in the internet and when you copy and pasted it onto your Blogger template editor only to find out that it is giving out parsing error. Errors like it illegal characters for < , > or " and all of them needed to be replace with &lt; , &gt; or &quot; .

How to mute the sports channel commentary on your 5.1 channel audio system

If you are a regular sports fan, I would think that you regulary tuning into the sports channel and spent good money in equiping your living room with 5.1 sounds system for the real feel of your favorite football or soccer at the comfort of your home. And then once a while you might find some of the sports commentaries to be annoying and wish that you can turn it off. Well, actually you can! If you have the 5.1 sounds system setup in your living room of course. This is how you can do it.

How to efficiently search for a solution for a computer error

Ever wonder what does all those computer error codes mean? And how to fix it? Of course you can Google it but to search for the meaning and solution efficiently, ...

How to convert Youtube videos to animated GIF

This is the easiest way to convert any Youtube videos to an animated GIFs directly from any Youtube video page. There is no need of any software installation to do it!