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How to escape yourself from cable ties or zip ties cuffs

Do you ever think that cable ties or zip ties are strong to tie anything with it? Strong enough that it's a cheap and favourite tool used by kidnappers to tie the victim's hands with? These following videos demonstrate that you can easily break the cable ties and escape from it. Remember this technique just in case you need it in future.

How to sharpen rotary shaver blades with a mug

There is a very easy way to sharpen your rotary shaver blades. The only item you will need is a ceramic mug. By using the ceramic mug bottom, you can sharpen your shaver blades easily and very quick in about 10 to 20 seconds. Below is a video from YouTube that shows you how to do it. There are also screenshots of the videos if you don't want to watch the video.

Bangkok Tourist Maps

Bangkok Tourist Map

These are the tourist maps that I took from those brochures distributed freely to tourist (like me). I just snap photos of the maps and crop them out. The map has all the mass transit stations and it's major tourist attractions along those stations. If you are planning to travel to Bangkok, hope these maps can help you plan where you want to go.

How to sharpen rotary shaver blades with a mirror

Before you are thinking of replacing your rotary type shaver blades, you can try to sharpen them first. This is how you can sharpen your rotary shaver blades with a mirror and a little bit of abrasives or metal polisher. Below is a YouTube video that shows you how to do it. If you don't have a high speed internet, you can refer to the screenshots below the video.

Compound Interests

How big a deal is compound interests? Can I double my savings in 10 years time without doing anything with it?

Based on the current CIMB Bank Berhad Fixed Deposit interest rate (16 June 2016), by using a Compound Interest Calculator, I had calculated how much would I get in return after 10 years based on an initial RM10,000 deposit, no addition and varying the tenures of FD maturity.

From the table below,