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Blogger Template editing resources

A list of links to resources for reference when editing my Blogger template.

How to recalibrate your Samsung Note 4 battery

After more than year using the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, I have notice that the battery life seems to be deteriorating. The phone shut down at around 20% of battery level. I was thinking of buying a new battery but I remember I read somewhere on the internet that the battery can be recalibrated to restore the correct reading. That would be the first thing I should do before I decided to get a new battery.

From my online research, there seems to be a built-in function in the phone that does the recalibration but there is no official documentation that stated it. I suspect it is possibly built for Samsung production factories to use it whenever they put in a new battery and it is not meant for public usage.

After I ran the recalibration, the battery life seems to improve and the readings are more accurate as in there were no sudden drops of battery life level percentage which I experienced many times and cause the phone to shut down immediately at 20% level.

Below are the steps on how to start the calibration.

An Excel Watchlist with Fundamental Analysis for Value Stocks

This is an article from InvestCoach (Chua I-Min) written by his young investor to make analysis easier with an Excel spreadsheet he created. He explained thoroughly in his write up on how to use the Excel spreadsheet running fundamental analysis on a Singapore company stock (Singapore Post) based on the strategy tought by Chua I-Min.

BlockAdBlock with Google Analytics Integration

There is a feature when you generate the code for BlockAdBlock script where you can integrate the script with Google Analytics events. This is useful to find out how many visitor of your site had ad blockers installed and met with the nagging screen or blocking screen generated by BlockAdBlock script. This is the most simplest Google Analytics event code you can use for the BlockAdBlock script.

How to Backup Blogger Blog Easily with Windows Desktop Shortcut

This is how you can easily run a backup on your Blogger blog easily by just running Windows desktop shortcuts. This method is not exactly fully automated method where you can configure it to run in scheduled time and save it in a programmed location. However, This method does makes life easier by skipping all the steps going through the Blogger dashboard interface. The idea of this method is to create a Windows desktop shortcut to execute and be presented with the save window dialog and manually rename the backup file and save it to your preferred location.

How to Make a Firecracker with Light Matches

This is a YouTube video from MrGear that shows you how you can make a firecracker with light matches. The whole video actually shows you 4 awesome tricks with light matches, the last one is about how to make a firecracker out of them. Below is the video and if you have a slow connection, you can refer to the video screenshots below the video.