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Make a negative film scanner from a shoe box

This is how you can make a home made negative film scanner by using a shoebox and your digital camera. The basic idea here is to use your digital camera (campact, DSLR or even smarphone) to capture the negative to a digital image and use a photo editor to invert the negative image to color image. Before you go and pick up your digital camera and start snapping your old negative films, you will need a light box to illuminate your negative films, and a jig to properly hold your camera in place to avoid shaking when you snap the negative image.

How to hide music album art cover files from photo gallery in Android

This is how you can hide or exclude your album art cover files that are in your mp3 music collection folder from your Android photo gallery but at the same time you want them to be visible to your music player app. If you are thinking of creating a ".nomedia" file in your mp3 music collection folder, it will cause the music player app to skip scanning and reading the mp3 files from that folder.

This is how you can do it: